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Yanrunan Tong (born on Dec 26th in Jiu Jiiang City Jiangxi province) is a Chinese painter.
In 1996 he studied at China Academy of art.

He devoted the last 20 years to creation of oil painting portraits, hundreds of of celebrities have been painted during face to face painting sessions, which is a unique experience in this field of of contemporary art in the world.

His work differs from modern smartphone programmes that apply the perfect finish to our photos; instead, he steps away from external embellishments and seeks to lead the viewer back to essential, to the beginning of univers – an experience where one can sense the connection of earth and sky. This experience of the cosmos allows us to realign our inner experience to our true state, a state that is our original source of motivation. From this we can reflect upon our lives from the shelter of our heart.

Solo Exhibitions:
2006 About Face, Osage Contemporary Space, Hong Kong
2008 About Face, Singapore Osage Art Museum
2009 Urban Migration, Hangzhou Lakeside Famous Street
2013 Prince Huei’s Cook was Cutting up a Bullock, Today Art Museum, Beijing
2015 Face to Face, Kunstraum Villa Friede, Bonn
Face to Face, China Corporate United Pavilion of EXPO 2015 Milan, Italy
Face to Face, Museum of Art and Science, Milano, Italy
2017 Forms of Time. Tong Yanrunan, Galleria d’Arte Maggiore, Bologna, Italy
Face to Face, Gallery Il Rivellino, Locarno, Switzerland
2018 Face to Face, Querini Stanleah Foundation Museum, Venice, Italy

Selected Exhibitions:
2001 China Oil Painting Exhibition, China Artists Association, won the Bronze prize
2005 Zhejiang Oil Painting Exhibition, Ningbo Museum of Art, won the Golden prize
2006 Key, the country Museum, Philippines and the Metropolitan Museum of Art
Chinese Art Today Exhibition, National Fine Arts Museum
2008 Brother, Museum of Modern Art Moscow
2008、2012、2015 Beijing International Biennale, National Art Museum of China
Thirty-years of Chinese Contemporary Art, National Museum of China
2011 +GUESTS, Galeries nationales du Grand Palais
Vigor of Style, Dubai Community Theatre &Art Centre, UAE
Contemporary Chinese Youth Oil Painting Exhibition, National Art Museum of China,Won Phoenix Award
2012 Overseas training project, China Artists Association
2013 The World As Seem By Chinese Artists,Yanhuang Art Museum
AAC Award of Art China Annual Influence Young Artist Nomination
Twenty-years of Chinese Figurative Expressionism Painting Exhibition,China Art Museum,Shanghai
National Endowment for the Arts, Ministry of Culture
2015 Expo 2015 Milano, Italy
2016 Original and Contemporary Art Exhibition, National Museum of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar
2018 Splendors of the sun and the moon, Querini Stanleah Foundation Museum, Venice, Italy

Main Collection:
Moscow Museum of Modern Art, the Fund of Guggenheim, the Royal of Saudi Arabia, the government of Japan, Y.Q.K, National Art Museum of China, China Art Museum, Art Museum of Zhejiang, Beijing Today Art Museum, Shanghai Himalaya Gallery

Tong Yanrunan

Duration: 3:40 min