Exhibition “Splendor of the sun and moon” 2018.06.06 – 07.22

Exhibition “Splendor of the sun and moon” 2018.06.06 – 07.22

Group exhibition of contemporary Chinese artists (Artistic Director: Tong Yanrunan)

Exhibition at the Fondazione Querini Stampalia

“Itinerant as twilight, the sun shines and the moon lights up, so the brightness of the sun and the moon shine on the earth day after day.” From this ancient Chinese writing takes the title of the exhibition “Splendors of the sun and the moon” at the Show Area of ​​the Querini Stampalia Foundation from June 7th to July 22nd 2018.

Inauguration on 6 June, from 4 to 6 pm

“Sun and moon”, two celestial bodies that influence life on earth from time immemorial, enclose in them the first true meaning of Yin and Yang. The sun rises and the moon goes down, marking the natural time of our planet. Every movement has a profound meaning in the global vision of the world in harmony with the living beings that populate it.

In the thought of the philosopher Zhuang Zi, the Dao, the law of nature that regulates times and transformations of phenomena but also divine will, is the primordial law of the universe. Thus for man the true meaning of life is precisely to understand the Dao, to look for it and to succeed in reaching it, carving its true meaning. The search for the Dao can take place in many ways, so for artists this can happen through study and outward artistic production as a mirror of an inner search that all individuals do.

So the alternation between the sun and the moon, the ascent and descent, today in China more than ever is associated with the decline of tradition and the rise of contemporary innovations, a subject that is always very controversial and sometimes painful for Chinese culture.

Here the activity of the artists continues to be at the center of the discussion between tradition and innovation in a path that still does not find solutions.

In the name of the ancient concept of Guanghua, which embodies the relationship that exists between light, color and matter as a spiritual relationship between the artist and the outside world, this exhibition is characterized by colors derived from the sun and the moon: white, black and red. In particular, white and black represent the harmony of nature in Chinese culture, harmony with “sun and moon”. The colors coexist with each other, forming a universe that integrates the whole. To this is added the red, which in ancient times was called Zhu, the heart, then the feelings of human beings that arise from this relationship between the two celestial bodies.

These are the themes addressed by the selection of artists participating in this exhibition, including well-known names in the contemporary art scene:

Qiu deshu, Xu Bing, Gu Wenda, Hong Ling, Yang Jiecang, Sui Jianguo, Deng Guoyuan, Wang Tiande, Tan Ping, Qin Feng, Ding Yi, Zhan Wang, Cui Xianji, Yang Shu, Li Lei, Zhang Fangbai, Tai Xiangzhou , Chen Wenling, Shi Jinsong, Yang Mian, Ding She, Wang Yabin, Tong Yanrunan. Tong Yanrunan is also the curator of the event.

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